The following was announced in all our churches on Sunday –

Message from Fr Marcus
It is with great joy that we can announce that Fr Don Witts will be coming to live and work among us. He will arrive ready to start work on April 9th, and will have particular responsibility for Albir, El Campello and L’Al Faz Del Pi.

His licensing will take place at Albir on Monday 16th April. Time to be confirmed.

Don has lots of gifts and talents, and spent a few days in the Chaplaincy recently, and he says he is really looking forward to coming here, and meeting you all.

Of course we will greatly miss Fr Ray, but it is good to know that the church’s ministry throughout the chaplaincy will continue uninterrupted.

Please pray for Don, and his wife Doreen as they prepare for the wonderful adventure that awaits them here amongst us.

As ever,
Fr Marcus


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