Fishing or Cruising Trips – for Chaplaincy Funds

Raising funds for the Chaplaincy

Fishing or Cruising trips.

Enjoy an afternoon (up to six hours) fishing or cruising along the coast of the Costa Blanca on Merlin. Mike Weber, the owner, will donate €25 per person to Chaplaincy funds. A very generous offer.
If Fishing please note all fishing equipment is supplied, but please bring your own bait (normally Squid is used).
If cruising, please feel free to bring along a picnic or food and drink of your choice. Merlin does have a small fridge, and cooker or we can stop at a marina of your choice for refreshments.
Merlin is a very good sea going vessel, she is a Deva 800 (7.5-metre-long), powered by a 100hp diesel engine and runs at speeds up to 10 knots, (about 15 miles per hour). She is berthed at Inautica Marina Altea (please note you are responsible for your own transport to and from the marina ).
This offer is only available for members or friends of the Costa Blanca Anglian Chaplaincy for a minimum of four persons and a maximum of five (Merlin is licenced for up to six including Captain)
This special offer price is only 30 euros per person with a minimum of four persons. And is only available one day per month throughout the year, so please get your bookings in early. See photos in the attachment.
For more information or to make a booking please contact Mike on 672811399.

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