What to do when someone dies.

Funerals: The chaplains conduct large numbers of funerals, and try to offer a high standard of pastoral care to the bereaved.

When a loved one dies, the first contact with the tanatorio (funeral director) will be through hospital staff or the local doctor, who will ask where the deceased should be taken.

Once this has occurred, relatives will go to the tanatorio to arrange the funeral, and will be asked if they would like a religious service.

If this is the case, they should ask for an Anglican (Anglicano) priest, not Protestant (Protestante) unless they wish for a Free Church minister.

The tanatorio staff will then contact one of the chaplains directly, in order to confirm availability at the preferred time. Following this, one of the chaplains will get in touch with the bereaved.

It is most important to note that it is not essential for the funeral to take place within 48 hours of the death. Several additional days may be obtained by the embalming of the deceased (automatic in the UK) enabling family and friends to make suitable travel arrangements. Families are sometimes concerned about where they will be able to find a priest: this is done quite simply by asking at the tanatorio.


What to do in the event of a death


  1. Ring a doctor, preferably the doctor who has been treating the deceased. If a hospital has been involved recently, then they may be able to help.  If you need help outside normal hours, the emergency number is 112 for all services including health.  You can ask for an English speaking operator if necessary.  A medical certificate must be obtained before the funeral director can move the deceased.


  1. Ring a funeral director.

If you want someone English speaking, the Tanatorio/Crematorio Marina Alta at Denia (Grupo ASV Servicios Funerarios )provide a full service and will give general advice.  They cover the Gandia and La Safor areas.  Tel.  966 43 54 28 (24 hrs)

The Javea Tantorio/Crematorio also speak excellent English. They are situated on the Camino del Cementerio, on the main road CV-734 which connects the N332 and the Town of Javea (Xabia) Phone:965 79 01 88

Covering the South of our Chaplaincy  are Tanatorio Crematorio Marina Baixa – Vilajoyosa   Tel. 965 89 58 58

and Tanatorio Crematorio la Santa Faz – St. Joan,  El Campello  Tel: 965 94 13 96 (both Grupo ASV)


Other companies include Consuelo Miñana 96 287 1188 (Gandia) or 96 283 8221 (Oliva).  They now have their own cremation facilities, and are highly recommended, but they don’t speak English.  You would need to ask a Spanish speaking friend to help.

The funeral director will make all the arrangements for the funeral, including a religious service, if the family so wish, and see to all the necessary paperwork.  A death must be registered at the local Town Hall within 24 hours.  The funeral director should see to this.

Do not ring the police or Guardia Civil unless there are suspicious circumstances.


IN HOSPITAL  the hospital staff will provide the death certificate, but tell them which funeral director YOU want; see the suggestions above.  You don’t have to have the one they suggest.

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