Albir – Carol Service

18 Dec 2017 - 17:00

Image result for 9 lessons and carolsMonday 18th December

CANDLE-LIT CAROL SERVICE – 5pm at the Albir Church

If you require more information please contact

local Warden Elaine Mitchell 96 686 4962 or 636 164 467.

On the day of the Albir Carol Service (18th) we are meeting for Christmas Dinner at Restaurante, M Godoy by the main Municiple Car Park.    This will be a 1.30 pm and Elaine needs your choice of Soup or salad to start.    

Names to Elaine please BEFORE Monday 11th, because the restaurant are opening especially for us and the Christmas meal is not on their regular Spanish menu. Phone 96 686 4962. 

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