Visit by Bishop Jorge, of Peru

Some subscribers have been unable to open the Archdeaconry Synod report on tablets and phones. There is functioning link in the News section of the website – There is also news of the visit by Bishop Jorge of Peru, together with photos, including the midweek mass in Javea, earlier today.

Choral Concert

And on the following Sunday – Sunday 11th February, 09:45h, Ermita del Pópul, Carretera Jesús Pobre 4km, Sung Mass for the Costa Blanca Anglican Chaplaincy. This Salisbury-based Chamber Choir (17 voices), founded forty one years ago, specialising in music of the Renaissance, particularly by English and Spanish composers such as Tallis and … Continue reading

Rights after Brexit

Bishop Robert has published an update regarding the effects of Brexit on rights in respect of such things as residence, healthcare and pensions.You can read it by clicking on this link – Brexit Negotiations: The State of Play  

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