Forecast 2017

Dear friends,

After much marking (!!!) I am delighted to tell you that Tony Layt has won the €250 prize in the 2017 forecast fundraiser. I am pleased that the prize is won by such a hard working supporter of the work of the chaplaincy, AND by someone from the two churches that worked so hard to make this a success.

Tony had 6 correct answers out of 9, and was closest to the temperature question (question 10). Tony answered 12 degrees, and AccuWeather reported 13. Mind you …. The BBC agreed with Tony!!!

For completeness the answers are shown below. Thank you to everyone who took part, helping us to raise nearly €2000, especially to family and friends.

Best wishes, Andrew


Spanish Politics

  1. Mariano Rajoy, leader of the PP, heads a minority government. Will there be another general election in 2017? NO

British Politics

2. Theresa May starts the year as British Prime Minister. Who will be Prime Minister at the end of the year? THERESA MAY

3. In which month (if any) will the British government trigger Article 50, to begin the process of leaving the EU? MARCH



4. Who will win the Men’s Wimbledon title? ROGER FEDERER

5. Which football team (soccer) will be at the top of the UK Premier League at year end? MANCHESTER CITY

6. Which team (if any) will win the Oxford/Cambridge Men’s Boat Race? OXFORD


7. What will be the principle profession of the 2017 winner of the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing? ACTOR


8. What will £1 be worth in Euros (spot rate) on 31 December? €12.56 (€1.12 accepted)

9. What will be the UK interest rate (set by the Bank of England committee) at 31st December? 5%


  1. What will be the high temperature in Celsius (according to AccuWeather) in London on December 31st? 130 CELSIUS

NB – in the event of a tiebreak the closest temperature will win.

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