A message from the Diocesan Finance Officer

Changes in UK £1 coins & £5 and £10 notes:-

As you may already know the above coin and notes have recently changed in circulation in the UK and I thought it useful to summarise the position in case “old” examples are found in chaplaincy collections, tucked away at home or elsewhere. It might also be worthwhile spreading this information more widely around your chaplaincy.

a) £1 coin: the “old” round coin ceases to be UK legal tender on the 15th October, having been replaced by the “new”12 sided version already in circulation.

b) £5 note: the “old” paper note featuring Elizabeth Fry stopped being UK legal tender on the 5th May and has been replaced by a “new” polymer note featuring Sir Winston Churchill.

c) £10 note: the “old” paper note featuring Charles Darwin will be withdrawn during Spring 2018, at a date to be advised and with a notice period of 3 months. The “new “polymer” note featuring Jane Austen is already in circulation.

Should “old” examples of the above come your way, UK bank branches will exchange them for some time to come and the Bank of England will exchange withdrawn notes without a time limit. Congregation members who come to the UK may be able to help you out in exchanging them.

Additionally, the current £20, with Adam Smith on the reverse, is due to be replaced by a polymer note featuring the artist JMW Turner during 2020.

Finally the two web-links below to the Bank of England issued notes and Royal Mint contain further information and may be of general interest.



Nick Wraight
Finance Secretary
Diocese in Europe

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