A Message from Fr Marcus

Good Day All.
Well, I am surprised by the vote to leave the EU. I watched the count for a while before I went to sleep, sure in the knowledge that Remain would win. But it was not to be.
None of us a sure what this will mean, for us living abroad, or indeed for anyone, but my first feeling is not to panic.
Nothing dramatic concerning us will happen immediately, and there will be a slow process of discerning how this whole thing pan out.
Expats living in Europe bring a great deal to the various countries we live in, and boost their economies and generate jobs, and so it is likely that they will want us to stay.
The Anglican Church has great links with our Christian Brothers and Sisters in Europe, and within the churches their is an increasing desire for union, and I am sure they will want us to stay.
I am not a politician, and I am certainly not an economist, and I am not that wise, but I would suggest that we, as expats, living in Europe, don’t make any rash decisions too quickly, and we prayerfully reflect as the forthcoming process unfolds.
We have a big job to do supporting one another during a time of uncertainty, but, I believe, as always, that all will be well.

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